Configuration Presets

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Configuration Presets

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Presets Description


Commonly used configurations for COM ports can be specified in an optional Presets file that contains predefined, named settings for virtual COM port options.  The Presets file is a convenient way to manage settings that may need to be changed frequently.


Rather than retyping an IP address, the TCP port number, and the other configuration settings, a user can simply select them from the Presets drop-down list in the DialOut/EZ Control Panel.


The names of available presets will appear in a drop-down list named Presets in the DialOut/EZ Control Panel.  If an entry is selected, then all virtual COM port settings that are specified by that entry will be applied to the currently selected virtual COM port.


The Presets drop-down list will only appear in the DialOut/EZ Control Panel if a presets.txt file already exists when the DialOut/EZ Control Panel starts.


Presets will be available for virtual COM port settings, but not for Advanced Options, as they apply to all COM ports.  For security reasons, Presets do not include credential information.


Configuration may be automated during installation by using the Unattended Installation feature.



Presets Location


The Presets file is named presets.txt, and is located in the DialOut/EZ software installation folder:


C:\Program Files\Tactical Software\DialOutEZ\ (for x86 PCs),


C:\Program Files (x86)\Tactical Software\DialOutEZ\ (for x64 PCs).


The location of the presets file can be modified by changing the Windows registry entry PresetsFileSpec (a REG_SZ) in:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Tactical Software/DialOutEZ/4.0/ (for x86 PCs),


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Wow6432Node/Tactical Software/DialOutEZ/4.0/ (for x64 PCs).


This will allow a Presets file to be used as a shared file for multiple users.



Entry Format


The presets.txt file is a text file that contains one or more preset entries.  Each entry is on a single line, and consists of a label that is followed by one or more settings.


All entries should have the same format.  The fields must appear in the order given below:

<Label>,<IP Address>,<Port Number>,<Auth Option>,<Connection Protocol>,<Application Compatibility>


No extra spaces are allowed, except within the Label field.



Server 1,,7000,noauth

Server 2,,7000,authwindows



Settings in Order of Use



Value:  text string (required)
Description:  The label to be used in the Presets drop-down list in the DialOut/EZ Control Panel.  It may contain embedded spaces.  It also appears in the Activity Panel of the Port Monitor.


IP Address

Value: or hostname (required)
Description: IP Address of Server


Port Number

Value:  valid TCP port number (required)
Description: Port Number


Auth Options

Value: noauth (default)
Description: No Login Required


Value: authloginprompt
Description: Prompt at Login


Value: authmanual        
Description: Use Credentials Below


Value: authportopenprompt
Description: Prompt on COM Port Open


Connection Protocol

Value: telnet
Description: Telnet


Value: raw (default)
Description: Raw TCP Connection


Application Compatibility

Value: dun
Description: DTR is Modem Escape - enabled


Value: nodun (default)
Description: DTR is Modem Escape - disabled


Value: dcdtrack,dsrtrack
Description: Assert DCD/DSR After COM Port Open - enabled


Value: nodcd,nodsr (default)
Description: Assert DCD/DSR After COM Port Open - disabled


Value: reconnect
Description: Recover Failed Connections to Server - enabled


Value: noreconnect (default)
Description: Recover Failed Connections to Server - disabled                




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