Running the Setup Program

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Running the Setup Program

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To install the software, log in as a user with Administrator privileges.  Run the DialOut/EZ setup program and follow its instructions.


To restrict access to the DialOut/EZ Control Panel to users with Administrator privileges, select the feature Administrator Only Mode during the installation.  The redirector will still be usable by anyone.  However, the DialOut/EZ icon in the Windows System Tray will not appear, and the DialOut/EZ Control Panel will not be accessible.  Also, the Check for Updates button in the About box will be disabled.


The Licensing window will prompt for name and company information.  These fields are optional, and are entirely independent of the license key.



Installing a Trial Copy


The DialOut/EZ software may be installed in trial mode by selecting Use an Evaluation Key during installation.


Trial mode can only be used once on a given computer.  The trial time period of 30 days will begin when the software is installed.  Up to 256 virtual COM ports may be used simultaneously.



Installing with a License Key


The seat license key can be entered by selecting the I have a License Key button and entering the license key.


The license key can be updated at any time by clicking the Licensing button in the DialOut/EZ Control Panel.


If the license key being used conflicts with one that is being used on another computer, then a window will be displayed containing information about the conflicting license key.  Neither installation will work until this is resolved.



Installing the Site Edition


Be sure to use the site-licensed version of the DialOut/EZ Redirector setup program.  The redirector setup program will prompt for the IP address or hostname of the computer running the License Manager.  If using multiple license servers, then enter each server's IP address or hostname in order, separated by a space or comma.



Installing an Update


Check for software updates by clicking the Check for Updates button in the About box.  The current software version and license key will be submitted to the Tactical Software website, which will then display a web page describing applicable updates and software download links.


The setup program will remove the existing DialOut/EZ software.  The license key will be preserved.  The virtual COM port selections and settings will be maintained.



Removing the Software


To remove the DialOut/EZ Redirector from the computer, first ensure that no applications are using the DialOut/EZ COM ports. Then in the Windows Control Panel, open the Programs and Features applet, select the DialOut/EZ entry, and click Remove.  After uninstalling, a restart of Windows will not be necessary.




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