Running the Setup Program

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Running the Setup Program

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To install the software, log in as a user with Administrator privileges.  Run the TacServe setup program and follow its instructions.



Installing in Trial Mode


TacServe may be installed in trial mode by selecting the Use an Evaluation Key button during the installation.


Trial mode can only be used once on a given computer.  The trial time period of 30 days will begin when the software is installed.  Up to 256 virtual COM ports may be used simultaneously.



Installing with a License Key


Select I have a License Key and enter the license key in the correspond field.


If a license key is being used that conflicts with one that is being used on another computer, then a window will be displayed containing information about the conflicting license key.  Neither TacServe installation will work until this is resolved.



Installing an Update


To find out if a more recent version of TacServe is available, in the Action menu, click Check for Updates.   The current software version and license key being used will be submitted to the Tactical Software website, which will then display a web page with applicable updates and software download links.



Updating the License Key


In the Action menu, click Licensing.  In the License Key field, type or paste in the license key.  Click OK to make the change effective.



Installing the TacServe Management Tool on Another Computer


The TacServe COM Port Server can be managed from other computers using the Management tool that is installed separately.


Run the TacServe setup program with Administrator privileges and follow the on-screen instructions.  During the installation, deselect the TacServe COM Port Server component.  Then complete the installation.



Controlling TacServe from a Remote Computer


On the Windows desktop, right-click My Computer and then select Manage; or in the Windows Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and then open Computer Management.  In the Action menu, click Connect to another computer.  In the Select Computer dialog box, click Another computer. Select the computer that will be running the TacServe COM Port Server.


Remote management requires Administrator privileges on the server computer.  Remote management from more than one computer is supported, but real-time changes may not be reflected in the display.



Configuring TacServe


The TacServe Tool will install as a snap-in tool in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), and may be used in custom MMC consoles.


There are two ways to open TacServe:


1.In the Start menu, click the Management Tool shortcut in the TacServe program group.  TacServe will be selected in the console tree in the left panel.


2.On the Windows desktop, right-click My Computer and then select Manage; or in the Windows Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and then open Computer Management.  In the console tree in the left panel, expand Services and Applications.  Then click TacServe.


The following chapters will explain how to set up a Port Group, add modems to it, and configure the various options.



Removing the Software


In the Windows Control Panel, open the Programs and Features applet.  Click the entry for TacServe COM Port Server.  Then click the Uninstall button.  A restart of Windows will not be necessary after uninstalling.  If TacServe is still open, then the uninstall will display a reminder and wait until it is closed.  TacServe settings and its logs will be preserved.




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